Landscape and Memories – El Camino Real de las California

El Camino Real, or 101 Highway, is the longest state highway measuring 2,478 km, spanning from Southern California to Washington. Made internationally known through Tennessee William’s book, El Camino Real, the highway’s history is extremely rich and diverse. The highway is most commonly known for connecting the Spanish missions throughout California and was called El... Continue Reading →

The Hypocaust: an assessment of non-ancient varieties

When thinking of the hypocaust initial thoughts are drawn to Roman bath houses (Figure 1), however, as an idea it is not easy to pin down who invented what when. What is perhaps more interesting is that there are versions of a directly fired underfloor heating system in operation across the world today. On top... Continue Reading →

Landscapes and Memories

We have all heard of mnemonic devices in archaeology, objects that help recall memory. Over the years, however, there has been an increase in analysing landscapes themselves as mnemonic devices. I for one can vouch for this. I am not from Britain, and moving to a new city whose layout is something of a maze... Continue Reading →

National Park Service – African Burial Ground

Among all the history that occupies lower Manhattan, including Wall Street, Trinity Church, and the 9/11 Memorial, only one site has been designated as a National Monument: the African Burial Ground. This 0.35 acre memorial and museum marks the resting place of over 10,000 Africans and African Americans. Originally occupying over 6 acres, the cemetery... Continue Reading →

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