The Hypocaust: an assessment of non-ancient varieties

When thinking of the hypocaust initial thoughts are drawn to Roman bath houses (Figure 1), however, as an idea it is not easy to pin down who invented what when. What is perhaps more interesting is that there are versions of a directly fired underfloor heating system in operation across the world today. On top... Continue Reading →

On the definition of ‘Conservator’ and public perception

I am a conservator. A vague statement, I know. As a vocation, conservation remains poorly defined, at least to those who do not find themselves within it. The issue of terminology has been exhaustively addressed [1]. Whilst those who are not employed within a particular profession often lack an understanding of that profession’s intricacies, they... Continue Reading →

Autism in the Museum

The article explores autism in the museum through Firing Line Museum of The Queen’s Dragoon Guards and The Royal Welsh located in the Interpretation Centre of Cardiff Castle.

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